My Daughter Will Be (Republican) Senate Minority Leader Someday

My daughter is turning five soon. She wanted to buy five of those shiny foil balloons that can cost anywhere from three to ten dollars.

Me: Those balloons are really expensive. If we buy five of them, that would cost twenty-five dollars. For that much money you could get two presents. Or five books.

My daughter: But I want five balloons because I’m turning five.

Me: We could return two of your presents and get you five balloons.

My daughter: But I want all of those presents.

Me: Then you only get one special balloon.

My daughter: If you give me five balloons, and you don’t return any of my presents, I will stop the arguing.

She has already mastered the filibuster.

Earlier this year she proved she could be House Majority Leader for the Republicans.


One thought on “My Daughter Will Be (Republican) Senate Minority Leader Someday”

  1. We are privileged to have your talent for such profound perspectives in such brief succinct anecdotes. You have indeed characterized the [by strict dictionary definition – insane] headset of the [Republican] party.

    Five is a fabulous age for parent experience. All very best wishes for your family’s joy of this time.

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